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‘...the right combination of support, encouragement
and challenge.’

Martin Hodkinson, School of Oriental and African Studies

Coaching & Mentoring

Within the secure boundaries of the coach-mentoring relationship I want to encourage clients to share and critically reflect on experiences in a structured way not usually open to them in the traditional line management relationship. Depending on the need we can arrange a one-off meeting or a series of meetings. Either way, interventions will be created to meet your specific requirements.

Generally my aim is to:

  • Establish a non-judgemental relationship
  • Provide the right balance of challenge and support
  • Unlock potential
  • Improve performance
  • Raise awareness and self-awareness
  • Facilitate learning and development
  • Provide support to reduce internal obstacles
  • Identify unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Create opportunities to reflect, conclude and plan